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SendMail Functions

XIIO Networks Object Library

The SendMail functions are 3 functions that allow you to send a plain-text e-mail, HTML e-mail and a TXT Message to a cellular phone or a pager.

Object Name: XIIO.SendMail

Functions and Properties:

  • SendMessage() (Regular plain-text e-mail)
    • Properties:
    • FromAddress (From e-mail address)
    • ToAddress (To e-mail address)
    • Subject (Message Subject)
    • Message (Message Content or Body)
  • SendHTMLMessage() (HTML e-mail)
    • Properties:
    • FromAddress(From e-mail address)
    • ToAddress (To e-mail address)
    • Subject (Message Subject)
    • Message (Message Content or Body)
  • SendTXTMessage() (Text Message)
    • Properties:
    • FromAddress (From e-mail address)
    • CellNumber (Cell or Pager #, any format can be used)
      The object will remove all non numeric characters automatically.
    • Carrier (Phone or Pager carrier must be specified)
      [See Full List of Supported Carriers and Values]
    • Message (TXT Message body)
      The message will automatically be truncated to 160 characters which is the cut-off for most single text messages. This is to prevent users from receiving very large messages and incurring charges. To send additional messages, we invoke the command.

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