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XIIO Object Library: NetOps Live

XIIO Networks Object Library

Ever want to display server or network information on your web page?

The NetOpsLive Object does just that!

XIIO Networks has a streaming Network Operations Live Status system that provides data on all operating equipment and monitors. The NetOpsLive Object will connect and query this server and display it accordingly.

Object Name: XIIO.NetOpsLive


  • Connect("")
    It is required that you specify your domain name for compatibility with future features. You must connect before calling the below functions.
  • GetLatency()
    This will return the latency (or speed) of our network in milliseconds.
  • GetPacketLoss()
    This will return the pack loss (or quality) of our network, the lower the better.
  • GetNetHealth()
    This will return the overall health in percentage of our entire network.
  • GetPowerSource()
    This will return the current power source of our data center. This is usually "Normal on Mains" but would change to "Emergency UPS" or "Emergency Generator" during power outages.

[Online Demo of NetOpsLive Script]

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RefreshLive Network Health: 10:54:16 AM EST
.NET Web HostingLive StatusConnected to Data Center...
Overall Network Health: 100%

WAN Connections: 4/4 Online
Latency Level: 9.950 ms
Routing/Critical Equip: OK
Switching/Aux. Equip: OK
Windows Server Pools: OK
Linux/BSD Server Pools: OK
Voice Switching Systems: OK
Data Center Temp: 68F
Current Power Supply: Normal on Mains
UPS/Battery Backup Systems: OK/READY
Diesel Generator Systems: OK/READY
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