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XIIO Object Library: Google Maps

XIIO Networks Object Library
The XIIO GoogleMaps Object allows you to input a start address and destination address to access driving directions, maps, positioning (latitude and longitude), distance and more.

A few uses for this include driving directions and maps for web site location finders, distance calculation between two addresses, conversion from address to latitude and longitude, and much more. If you can think it, chances are the GoogleMaps object will help you do it.

This component returns data as separate items allowing you to fully integrate your applications with it and display as little or as much information as you need.

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Object Name: XIIO.GoogleMaps


  • GetDirections("StartAddress", "DestinationAddress")
    • Data returned as Read-Only Properties:
    • TripDistance
      Returns trip distance.
    • TripDuration
      Returns estimated time for travel.
    • StartAddress
      The full starting address of the query as returned by Google.
    • EndAddress
      The full destination address of the query as returned by Google.
    • StartLatitude
      Position of start address in Latitude.
    • StartLongitude
      Position of start address in Longitude.
    • EndLatitude
      Position of destination address in Latitude.
    • EndLongitude
      Position of destination address in Longitude.
    • HTMLDirections
      Returns turn-by-turn directions and distance of each step in the route. The directions are pre-formatted with HTML.
    • MapWidth (only used with DisplayMap)
      Sets the width of the map. Optional, default is 450.
    • MapHeight (only used with DisplayMap)
      Sets the height of the map. Optional, default is 325.
    • DisplayMap
      Returns Interactive Google Map that can be embedded in web page. The map is fully coded and just needs to be outputted directly to the web page.

[Online Demo of Sample GoogleMaps Object Script]

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