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XIIO Object Library: FraudTools

XIIO Networks Object Library

The FraudTools object will help prevent fraud in e-commerce transactions by matching the buyers state to the state associated with the IP address of the buyer.

The FraudTools object also can be used for displaying IP address information as a warning, or for informational purposes on a web site.

When used properly, the FraudTools object can eliminate most of the fraud while preventing legitimate transactions from being blocked.

It can also be used for subscriptions and memberships to forums, web sites and more.

Object Name: XIIO.FraudTools


  • IP2LOC("IP Address")
    Returns IP Address information as read only properties.
    • IPCountryCode - 2 digit Country code. i.e. US
    • IPCountryName - Returns full Country name
    • IPState - Returns State or Region name
    • IPCity - Returns City name
    • IPZip - Returns ZIP/Postal Code
    • IPLatitude - Returns Latitude position
    • IPLongitude - Returns Longitude position

    IPCountryCode, IPCountryName and IPState are extremely accurate and can be used in fraud prevention. We do not recommend using the other properties for blocking transactions. You may flag them instead.

  • MatchState("State Name", "IP Address")
    Returns boolean value (True/False) if the specified State Name matches the State associated with the IP address.

Error Trapping:
Read-Only Property: ErrorCode

Error code 22: IP Address not found or not inputted correctly.

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