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XIIO Object Library: Credit Card Validation

XIIO Networks Object Library

Our development team has created a function of the XIIO Object Library called: CCValidation

This library offers fast validation of credit card numbers and expiration dates. This function only validates the credit card number but does not do authorization. For real-time authorization and capture please sign-up for a merchant account and gateway.

Object Name: XIIO.CCValidation


  • CheckCCNumber("Credit Card Number")
    This will return a integer value for the card type if it's valid. If it's not valid it will return a 0.
    • Returns: 0 - Card not valid
    • Returns: 1 - Card is a VISA
    • Returns: 2 - Card is a Mastercard
    • Returns: 3 - Card is a Discover
    • Returns: 4 - Card is a American Express
    • Returns: 5 - Card is a Diners Club
  • ValidNumber("Credit Card Number")
    This will return a boolean (True or False) condition. If the number is valid, True is returned, if invalid False is returned.
  • CheckExpDate("mm/yy")

Both credit card number validation functions can be fed with a plain numeric card number, a number seperated by dashes, or a number seperated by spaces. The expiration date format must be 'mm/yy'

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