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XIIO Object Library

XIIO Networks Object Library

XIIO Networks
has built an extraordinary object library for ASP and ASP .NET.

Many site's need to incorporate script functions such as e-mail, data formatting, credit card validation, etc.

Our development team has created a technology that is found at no other company, and that is the XIIO Object Library.

This library is designed to speed up your development and eliminate the need for searching the internet for functions and objects. Combined with all the available components already installed on our servers, you can create full-featured web applications fast, and highly object oriented.

We're always adding to this library and welcome all suggestions and addition requests.

Libraries Available:

  • XIIO.General
    Library of general functions such as RandomNumber generator.
  • XIIO.CCValidation
    Validates credit card numbers and expiration dates.
  • XIIO.FraudTools
    Help prevent fraud by matching IP address information. Can also be used to retrieve IP Location data for a specific IP address.
  • XIIO.GoogleMaps
    Integrate your web application with the Google Maps System.
  • XIIO.SendMail
    Send E-mail and TXT Messages fast and easy using this library.
  • XIIO.Weather
    Retrieve live weather data to your site or application.
  • XIIO.NetOpsLive
    Fetches real-time network and server information and status.
  • XIIO.Alive
    Bring your web applications and web site to life with artificial intelligence and "True" random numbers from atmospheric noise.
  • XIIO.Encryption (In development)
    Secure and Encrypt your data using our encryption object. This very easy to use object will allow you to easily encrypt and decrypt data with just a simple call to the object and a private key.

We're here to help

XIIO Networks 24/7 Technical SupportNo matter what you need help with, we're here to answer your questions!

E-mail us or Call us at
1-(845) 467-6780.

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Developer News:

July 13th 2011:
Our core development team is designing embedded hardware and microcontroller interfaces that will allow you to easily integrate your web application with real world devices. Check back soon for updates!