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Online Payment Processing and PayPal Hosting

Businesses looking to accept payments and credit card online:
XIIO Networks recommends using PayPal to accept online payments from your customers. Unlike Internet Merchant Accounts, PayPal does not charge a fee to sign-up for a business account.

PayPal does not charge a fee to open a business account or to setup PayPal Web Site Payments Standard. You only pay a small and highly competitive transaction fee for each transaction.

PayPal also offers Web Site Payments Pro, Express Checkout, PayFlow gateway and Virtual Terminal for telephone or mail orders.

If you plan to use a merchant account or you're an existing merchant we urge you to sign-up for a free PayPal business account as many shoppers like the option of using PayPal to pay for products or services.

Many customers ask when using PayPal what customer purchases will show up as on their credit card statement. Charges will show up as the name you configured in your PayPal account. For example: PayPal ABCFlowers.

Businesses looking to setup a IMA (Internet Merchant Account):

If you're an existing business or a new business and are looking to open a merchant account to accept payments online or off-line, we also offer traditional merchant accounts.

We have teamed up with and have become a registered ISO with North American Bancard to offer a full range of merchant accounts, gateway and more.

As many shoppers online now have PayPal accounts, we also recommend setting up a PayPal Business Account to offer an additional method of payments, it's Free to sign-up.

Shopping Carts and Online Order Systems:
We offer a full-featured shopping cart system will all of our web hosting plans. This shopping cart accepts payment through PayPal and most leading merchant account payment gateways.

For more information or to get started, please contact us.

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