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XIIO Networks OSS™ (Off-site Storage Service)
Protect your valued data in the event of computer or network failure.

XIIO Networks has built the most comprehensive and easy-to-use off-site data backup service available.

If you're looking to backup company data, or you're a multi-national corporation you can now backup your data securely, quickly and reliably. Your data is protected behind our state-of-the-art network and we guarantee it's availability.

All data is securely transmitted to our OSS™ network using ultra-secure DES encryption. As your data makes it to our network, our network immediately starts to encrypt and stripe the data further using our proprietary technology. These "stripes" are stored across multiple systems on multiple networks. No single server ever has enough data to be recombined and stolen. This technology is extremely secure and failure-proof.

OSS™ is easy to use and offers network administrators multiple interfaces to backup data. Some of these interfaces include "Virtual Disk Drive", "Microsoft Exchange™ Add-on", "Web Interface", "Software API's" and more.

OSS™ fee-model is based on amount of data, security, backup frequency and bandwidth. By offering a fee-model made up of these components we're able to offer smaller businesses this service and reduce costs for large enterprises by eliminated un-used services.

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