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About our Data Center and Network Operations Center
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XIIO Networks owns and operates some of the most technologically advanced data centers today.

Within the web hosting and internet services industry, offering high-availability is crucial. If web sites, databases or shopping systems are down, business is lost.

We operate a truly cutting edge data center and network operations center.

What is a data center?
Data centers are specially equipped computer rooms that contain numerous telecommunications equipment such as servers. These rooms are enclosed, and environmentally regulated to maintain proper temperature.

Data centers must maintain a cool and constant temperature 24/7. If the data center is un-cooled, the servers internal components will overheat causing premature failure or system crashes.

If the temperature in the data center fluctuates across too wide of a range, the internal bearings of hard drives and fans wear fast due to continuous expansion and contraction of metals.

Our data centers are very well engineered and cooled to approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit (The temperature had been 65 Degrees but raised for energy conservation reasons).

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RefreshLive Network Health: 4:08:52 AM EST
New York Data CenterLive StatusConnected to Data Center...
Overall Network Health: 100%

WAN Connections: 4/4 Online
Latency Level: 8.695 ms
Routing/Critical Equip: OK
Switching/Aux. Equip: OK
Windows Server Pools: OK
Linux/BSD Server Pools: OK
Voice Switching Systems: OK
Data Center Temp: 68F
Current Power Supply: Normal on Mains
UPS/Battery Backup Systems: OK/READY
Diesel Generator Systems: OK/READY
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