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Dedicated Server: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a Intel Celeron™, Pentium™ or Xeon™ Processor?
    • For entry-level servers where the server will run basic services such as Web and E-mail, and where the amount of traffic is low or moderate, the Intel Celeron Processor is more than adequate.
    • For servers where there this is significant traffic or where this is low traffic but CPU intensive services such as Microsoft SQL Server™ we recommend choosing a server with the Intel Pentium™ processor.
    • For servers where traffic is very high, and where CPU intensive services such as Microsoft SQL Server™ are running we recommend using the Intel Xeon™ processor.
  • Do I need more than 1 processor?
    • Multiple processors are only beneficial on servers with significant traffic or computing requirements. We have configurations for single, dual, quad or greater processors. We offer multiple CPU configurations for all processors except Celeron where we advise against it. Our reps will be happy to assist you in choosing the right hardware.
  • Why do all your dedicated servers offer "RAID", do I need this?
    • Yes. Many hosting companies will offer RAID as a nonstandard extra. However, because having RAID is so crucial to running a server we offer this at no extra charge, even though it means we have to put in a RAID controller and additional hard drives.
      [Read more About RAID Here]
  • Do you offer Microsoft SQL Server™ on dedicated servers?
    • We do. On all of our dedicated servers we offer access to our high-performance Microsoft SQL™ servers. This will save you significant money and will also relieve a great deal of CPU usage from your server.
    • You can also run Microsoft SQL Server™ on your dedicated server but this would require the purchase of a license or for you to install it with your license.
  • How do I access my dedicated server?
    • Unlike our regular web hosting plans, having a dedicated server means that you have direct access and control to the server itself. You can connect to your server using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (Terminal Services), Telnet, FTP amongst many other methods.
  • Do you still provide support for dedicated server customers?
    • We sure do! If for any reason you need help setting up software, troubleshooting, or anything else just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will be glad to help you.
  • How much bandwidth do I need?
    • For dedicated servers, services such as Web, E-mail, Media, FTP, etc. need to be accounted for when figuring out the total monthly bandwidth. We will never charge you for overages but instead notify you. To help figure out how much bandwidth you may need try our [Web Site Hits to Bandwidth Calculator]

These are the most popular F.A.Qs but if they do not answer your questions about our Dedicated Windows Servers, please contact us anytime and we'll be glad to assist you anyway we can.

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