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Co-Location: Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Co-Location Hosting or Co-Lo?
    • Co-Location hosting provides network access, power, bandwidth and IP address space to the customer who is using there own equipment.
  • Is your network reliable?
    • Yes! We have multiple carriers delivering bandwidth to our data centers to eliminate point of failures from occurring. Our power systems are fully protected by extended run-time online UPS systems and diesel generators with a 30-day supply of diesel fuel. Most companies will only have a fuel capacity of 24 hours to 7 days. Whether there is a fiber cut, or another Northeast blackout, we are ready. Uptime average of 100%.
  • Do you block access to Microsoft SQL Server™ ports
    • Absolutely not! Too many hosting companies have blocked these ports because of security and DoS vulnerabilities. At XIIO Networks, we allow these ports because of our high security firewall's and other network security measures in place.
  • Do you allow mail servers or do you block port 25?
    • We do allow mail servers on our network and we do not block or limit port 25. Mail servers and even bulk mail servers are welcome as long as the mail is opt-in or entirely legitimate. Many spammers will claim there mail is legit but are not. Our firewall's are able to monitor SMTP traffic and if we see spam going out we will have to block it. Now, in many cases there are legitimate bulk mailings and if this is true, you have nothing to worry about. Just like every other carrier/ISP, we have to keep our networks clean.
  • What if my web site uses too much bandwidth, will I be billed?
    • No. It's common for a company to sign-up on a particular plan but then there bandwidth increases at a later time. This is good, more then likely it means your site is growing in popularity. We will not punish you by inflicting large overage fees, instead we will contact you and negotiate a fair plan upgrade. No surprise charges, ever.
  • What if I need to reboot my server, or run a offline operation?
    • Using our 'Remote Power Control' you will be able to hard boot your server remotely. We do also offer a extra service called 'Remote KVM' in which you are able to access the keyboard, video and mouse remotely and access your server in the offline state, even access the server BIOS.
    • Standard with all co-location plans we offer 24/7 NOC Assistance. We are more then happy to help you with reboots, check disk or other offline operations at no cost. Our support is absolutely outstanding, you will see why.

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