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XIIO Networks partners with Parallels
Published: Monday Jan. 10th 2011

January 10th, 2011:

Parallels PartnerXIIO Networks has partnered up with Parallels, the software company behind Plesk Panel and many other great products.

Plesk Panel 10 is our standard and recommended control panel option for all new dedicated Linux servers.

Designed for web hosting and server automation, the award-winning
Parallels® Plesk Panel provides an easy-to-use
interface, profitable access to applications and a completely integrated
provisioning, billing and content management system for your business.
With single-click access to hundreds of applications, an integrated site-building tool and fully automated billing, Parallels Plesk Panel enables your
business to introduce new services and extend existing services quickly and conveniently. Parallels Plesk Panel offers granular control, important functionality such as server health monitoring tools, convenient upgrade and migration tools, and control of user experiences with role-based access to functionality.

XIIO Networks will be including Plesk Panel 10 at no additional cost on all Linux dedicated servers and as a free option on Windows dedicated servers.

Read more information: [XIIO Networks - Parallels Product Overview]

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