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XIIO Networks launches NetOps Live
Published: Friday Dec. 10th 2010

December 10th, 2010:

XIIO Networks has launched it's NetOps Live System. The NetOps Live System is a monitor on our web site that allows visitors and customers alike to view the real-time status of our Network Operations Center.

Our development team implemented a AJAX powered system that can fetch and update live information streaming across an XML feed.

In addition to offering NetOps Live online through our web site, we are also including the NetOpsLive class in our XIIO API and Class Library/COM.

The purpose of this project is to help people understand what is happening at any given moment within our data centers and networks, and to serve as an additional troubleshooting tool.

[View NetOps Live]




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RefreshLive Network Health: 4:28:33 AM EST
.NET Web HostingLive StatusConnected to Data Center...
Overall Network Health: 100%

WAN Connections: 4/4 Online
Latency Level: 10.539 ms
Routing/Critical Equip: OK
Switching/Aux. Equip: OK
Windows Server Pools: OK
Linux/BSD Server Pools: OK
Voice Switching Systems: OK
Data Center Temp: 68F
Current Power Supply: Normal on Mains
UPS/Battery Backup Systems: OK/READY
Diesel Generator Systems: OK/READY
[View all information using NetOps Live]