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XIIO Networks is going green!
Published: Monday Dec. 6th 2010

XIIO Networks is proud to announce all hosting and servers are going green!In an effort to help our planet, XIIO Networks is proud to announce it's going green. This costs our customers absolutely nothing.

We believe in helping to protect this world, it's people and all life.

What does this mean?
Like most data centers, power consumption is heavy. Data center's contain many servers, each of which uses a fair amount of power. Air conditioning system necessary to keep data centers cool are heavy power users and must be run 24 hours a day, every day to keep temperatures low.

What we are doing:

  • Low Energy Equipment
    All of our servers are being upgraded to newer, faster and far more energy efficient systems.
  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning systems are being upgraded to newer, more efficient models and in the winter we're using heat pumps to transfer heat generated by our data center to other building locations instead of using additional energy to provide heat.
  • Supplemental Gas Absorption Cooling
    By using data center generated heat to drive gas absorption heat engines, heat is being removed without the use of electricity.
  • UPS (Battery Backup Systems)
    UPS Systems are being upgraded from large less efficient linear inverters to switch-mode inversion systems.
  • Energy Storage systems
    Energy storage systems are being installed that will store energy from the utility in large battery banks at night when the utility power is being generated but not used and thereby wasted. This energy will then be used to help power equipment during on-peak energy hours so additional energy does not need to be generated by the utility.
  • Wind and Solar Certificates
    These certificates are being purchased to offset our carbon footprint.

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