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Business ASP. NET Web HostXIIO Networks
is a enterprise hosting company specializing in managed and unmanaged hosting, voice and data.

Our reputation and track record for reliability and performance is why so many large and small businesses choose us.

  •  Carrier-grade Network
  •  Enterprise Hosting
  •  100% Uptime Average
  •  Ultra Fast Optical Network
  •  Advanced Security and Data Protection
  •  Private New York Data Center

Find out for yourself why so many are switching to us.
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New Features on our ASP .NET Web Hosting

Scheduled Tasks now available in xiio xPanel!
If you can access it in the browser, you can schedule it with our new Scheduled Task feature. Includes e-mail reporting.

XIIO Object Library:
Our development team has spent countless time creating an object library rich in functions and features. Compatible with Classic ASP and ASP .NET.

Functions include Credit Card Validation, SendMail, Directory and File access, Database Access and much more. Included with all of our ASP .NET Web Hosting. See more: [XIIO Object Library]

New York Data Center
Powered by the most advanced network ever.

Our engineers have built a network that's virtually 100% self-healing. That is, it monitors and repairs itself, all while a human in our NOC (Network Operations Center) supervises. We call it NetEye.

XIIO Network Monitoring Station
  •  Fully Redundant 100% Fiber Backbones
  •  Ultra Fast / Low Latency Network
  •  Redundant Power and Diesel Generators

View our network status in real-time using:

[NetOps™ Live - Live Network Operations Center ]

XIIO Networks 24/7 Technical Support
Outstanding 24/7 Support when you need it

Our technical support team is made up of former programmers, web developers and network professionals.

You will always speak to someone who is friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable. You can even contact any of our staff directly using their phone extension or e-mail address.

If you're a beginner having trouble, or an experienced web developer who is receiving error messages debugging web applications, we're here to help!

We believe in providing the most knowledgeable and friendly support available.

"Wow! Over the last 7 years, our company has been with several hosts. XIIO is now the only host we will use. Our managed server is terrific and your support is like no other. Your an essential asset to our business. "
- Ivan W.

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 Guaranteed Host
Web Hosting

 Why choose XIIO Networks?
  • 78% of new customers are referrals
  • 100% Uptime Average
  • True Enterprise Hosting
  • Stable and Reliable Company
  • Environmentally Friendly - Green
  • Outstanding 24/7 In-house Support
  • Advanced DDoS/DoS Protection
  • High-Performance Optical Network

 We're here to help

XIIO Networks 24/7 Technical SupportNo matter what you need help with, we're here to answer your questions!

E-mail us or Call us at
1-(845) 467-6780.

Refresh Live Network Health: 2:17:37 PM EST
.NET Web HostingLive StatusConnected to Data Center...
Overall Network Health: 100%

WAN Connections: 4/4 Online
Latency Level: 5.061 ms (Excellent)
Routing/Critical Equip: OK
Switching/Aux. Equip: OK
Windows Server Pools: OK
Linux/BSD Server Pools: OK
Voice Switching Systems: OK
Data Center Temp: 68F
Current Power Supply: Normal on Mains
UPS/Battery Backup Systems: OK/READY
Diesel Generator Systems: OK/READY
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