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In depth: CIMGate™ - Spam Filtering Service
No Spam! No Lost Messages!


CIMGate™ works using a few different components:

  • CIMGate™ - First Layer (The gateway)
    • CIMGate™ Immediate Trust DNSRBL is checked.
    • If IP is not in the DSNRBL, SPASA is involved
      • Scoring System
        • Trusted DNSRBL's
        • Other DNSRBL's
        • Statistical Probability
          • Previous spam database compares messages
          • Spam database comparator starts
    • If IP is in Immediate Trust DNSRBL, message is blocked and message characteristics are stored in signature databases.
    • If IP is not in Immediate Trust DNSRBL, the SPASA system begins. If SPASA determines it to be spam, it will add signatures to the databases and if the score is high enough, and certain criteria is met it will be added to the Immediate Trust DNSRBL.
    • If IP is not in Immediate Trust DNSRBL and SPASA determines message to be legitimate, it is forward on to the mail server for delivery.

This system is quite complex and involved but the above flow chart should help explain how it operates. CIMGate™ is entirely self-sustaining and self-updating with little to no human or user input.

How do I get and use CIMGate™?

  • Current web hosting, dedicated server and co-location customers are automatically eligible for CIMGate™ at no additional charge.
  • For ISP's and Telecommunication companies we offer clustered, high-speed and high-availability services to handle heavy mail volume. Please contact
  • Companies, Organizations and Government can take advantage of our cost-effective services. Please contact

Do you offer public access to your DNSRBL?
During Q2 of 2011, our DNSRBL will be released for public access and lookups at no additional charge. Our DNSRBL accounts for nearly 64% of all spam being stopped. For additional protection we urge you to consider using our CIMGate™ services for full protection.

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